Fluke Networks PTNX8-DLX Advanced Pocket Toner NX8 Deluxe Tester Kit

Category: Coax Cable Testers

The Fluke Networks PTNX8-DLX Pocket Toner NX8 Deluxe Kit is an expansive kit for testing on home theater systems, audio systems, both cable and telephone installations, and much more. The Fluke Networks PTNX8-DLX can be considered the ideal kit for identifying and for the advanced testing of singular cables in a kit with the widest array of adapters. Fluke Networks' PTNX8 Deluxe provides an adapter for virtually any audio/video or telecom testing need conveniently stored in a durable compact canvas case.

The Fluke Networks PTNX8 Pocket Toner NX8 is pocket-sized, durable test devices that allow users to quickly and easily test voice, data, video cables for open and short circuits, and continuity. The Fluke Networks Pocket Toner NX-8 is ideal for identifying and testing low voltage, singular coax cables for continuity, opens and shorts. Low voltage protection and verification up to 52 volts.

Included in the Fluke Networks PTNX8/DLX, the Fluke Networks PTNX2 Pocket Toner NX2 tests VDV cables for continuity, AC and DC voltage (low voltage protection and verification up to 52 volts), opens, shorts, 50-75 Ω termination, and polarity with the optional Dial Tone detective adapter. The Fluke Networks Pocket Toner NX2 easily confirms if there is AC or DC voltage, an open circuit on the line, if a short exists or if continuity is achieved. The Fluke Networks Pocket Toner NX 2's key feature is the ability to know if the cable being tested is connected to any device with a voltage output of up to 52 volts.


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