Fluke TS90 Cable Fault Finder

Fluke Networks TS90 works on virtually any two-or-more conductor cables. With the patented SmartTone analog tone generator that generates five different tones, identifying a specific pair is quick and easy, even in proximity to current-bearing cable. SmartTone capability identifies the exact pair by changing the tone at the far end of the cable when the correct pair is shorted.  The bright large LED screen and simple menu is easy to read, even low light conditions. When clipping on to a unidentified pair at a job site, with voltage up to 250V AC, the unit will immediately sound an alarm.

Now measuring cable or identify tone on a specific line is no longer a time-consuming, two-person task.  With TS90 or TS100, contractors can monitor cable inventory in trucks, warehouses, generate more accurate bids for jobs by quickly assessing needs, and manage cable stock with greater accuracy. And, technicians can find and fix cable problems without pulling new wire, or blindly cutting into walls or streets, saving additional time and money.  The Fluke Networks TS90 allows one person to get all these tasks done from just one end of the cable, with a single, competitively priced tool


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