ATAGO DR-A1 Abbe Refractometer

By very simple operation that needs only to set the boundary line of refraction at the cross hairs, this refractometer directly indicates a measured value (in refractive index or Brix (%), selective) in digits together with temperature on the display. This refractometer enables anybody to carry out measurement easily without reading of analog graduation.
The DR-A1 Digital Abbe Refractometer can now be connected to a printer and computer. Individual measurements and their average values as well as temperature readings can be printed to a DP-63 (C) Digital Printer (sold separately) or transmitted to a computer.
* Dispersive value cannot be measured by this refractometer.

Model DR-A1
Cat.No. 1310
Scale Refractive index
Measurement Range Refractive index (nD) : 1.3000 to 1.7100
Brix : 0.0 to 95.0%
(Automatic Temperature Compensation is executed at 5 to 50°C)
Minimum Indication Refractive index (nD) : 0.0001
Brix : 0.1%
Measurement Accuracy Refractive index (nD) : ±0.0002
Brix : ±0.1%
Temperature compensation range 5 to 50°C (at unit of 0.1°C)
Indication Refractive index (nD) or Brix (%) and temperature (°C)
Output (1) Digital Printer DP-63(C) (Optional) is used.
(2) Communication syste : RS-232C
Power Supply With AC adapter (100 to 240V (50/60Hz) AC input)
Dimensions & Weight 13×29×31cm, 6.0kg (Refractometer)
10.5×17.5×4cm, 0.7kg (AC adapter)
Power consumption 16VA
Special Order Option : The sample stage height can be customized.

· Digital Printer DP-63(C) (Thermal printer) : Cat.No.3136

· RS-232C Cable For Personal Computer (D-Sub9Pin) : RE-15305

· Adapter for film sample : RE-1581

· 10% Sucrose (±0.03%) : RE-110010

· 20% Sucrose (±0.03%) : RE-110020

· 30% Sucrose (±0.03%) : RE-110030

· 40% Sucrose (±0.04%) : RE-110040

· 50% Sucrose (±0.05%) : RE-110050

· 60% Sucrose (±0.05%) : RE-110060

· Eyepiece for polarizing : RE-1146

* Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.


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