ATAGO PAL-Soil Soil Moisture Meter

PAL-Soil has dual scales of Gravimetric soil moisture and Volumetric soil moisture.
Save on time, labor, and material with PAL-Soil. A measurement only takes 10 minutes whether out in the fields or in the lab.
In accordance with ISO 16586:2003 “Soil quality – Determination of soil water content as a volume fraction on the basis of known dry bulk density – Gravimetric.”

Model PAL-Soil
Cat.No. 4571
Scale Gravimetric soil moisture
Volumetric soil moisture
Measurement Range Gravimetric soil moisture : 0 to 200% (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Volumetric soil moisture : 0 to 100%
Temperature : 10.0 to 40.0°C
Resolution Gravimetric soil moisture : 1%
Volumetric soil moisture : 1%
Temperature : 0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy Gravimetric soil moisture : ±2% (0 to 40%), ±5% (41 to 100%)
Volumetric soil moisture (Repeatability) : ±1% (0 to 60%),
±2%(61 to 100%)
Temperature : ±1°C
Temperature compensation range 10 to 40°C
Ambient Temperature 10 to 40°C
Power Supply 2 × AAA Batteries
Battery Life About 11,000 measurements
(when an alkaline battery is used)
International Protection Class IP65 Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Dimensions & Weight 55(W)×31(D)×109(H)mm, 100g (Main Unit only)

Patent for Invention Registration No. ZL200310103015.2 (China)
Patent for Design Registration No. ZL03303431.1 (China), 089244 (Taiwan)
Patent Granted in countries around the world.


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